Racism against Indians – Beware Australia

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The recent act of racism in Australia against the Indian students has stuck the headlines of the Media around the world. Its really shocking and nobody can accept such act by any human. Students take loans to go abroad and get a foreign qualification from a better university but if they need to live in fear or get targeted by such kind of acts, we need to register our protest against such countries. They should understand that they receive huge monetary benefit from the fees and they even get good brains who stay back and work for their country. Education-related travel is Australia’s biggest service export to India, valued at $2 billion in 2007/08, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so be careful, you may lose this. This violence has made headlines not only in India but also other countries from where students come to Australia for higher education which has cause a threat to the Australia’s $15.5 billion education export market.


Sourabh Sharma who was beaten up by a group

Amitabh Bachchan who was recently conferred with an honorary Doctorate has decided to decline the offer to register his protest. It shows the unity and love for the great person for his country fellowmen. Today the Indian Student community had a peace rally to show their protest against the recent attack in Australia. Thousands of Indian students gathered Sunday outside the Victorian parliament here to protest the spate of attacks on them in Australia. The story of racism in Australia was not much known to the people until the recent incidents came to light. Harbhajan’s cousin Jagjit Singh claimed that his 26-year-old son Upkar Singh Babbal, who went to Australia in 2004 to pursue a course in hospitality management, was killed in a racist attack in Melbourne on May 7

There could be more unheard stories like this and the racist attack was not something new. We should tell the white skin people that the color of their skin does not have much more that we have and they are more porn to skin diseases and cancer. Color of the skin does not give your anything more and we are much ahead in brains and we can do much more than you. We condemn such incidents and we expect the culprits to be punished severely making sure that such deeds are not repeated.

Why do so much of Indians prefer to go to Australia?

The rise in Indian students going to Australia is because the visa and admission procedure to Australia is easier than US, even they can apply for work permit after some years.

I do not mean that all the Australians are the same. These acts are by some elements in the society which every society has. I am only against the elements who do such cowardly act and the higher authorities who has the responsibility to take care of the students who come from different countries for higher education. Hopefully the responsible people will take the necessary steps to make sure such incidents don’t repeat and the foreign students are not ill treated.

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  • Gary

    Racism against Indians – Beware Australia and card against humanity may be related stuff!

  • JP

    Hahaha this thread is funny. It is all really very simple. If you are Indian and you have a customer service job – give good customer service. If you are Indian and you work in a nursing home – help the old and sick people and their families – because that is your job. If you are Indian and work in the corporate world – dont engage in nepotism, back stab your white coworkers and fill your department with Indians. Everything I have written here does not come from a racist place – it comes from first hand experience. The only people giving Indians a bad name are Indians. By contrast, every Pakistani I have ever met is a courteous, good natured and fair individual. Maybe it’s the religious difference – I dont know. However for every Indian who thinks that they are better than westerners just remember a few simple things: Your country has a massive open air defecation problem – people crap in the streets wihtout any problem due to the poor sewage facilities. Oh and IT is a booming business only because it was given to you by the western world. The reason India is a s**thole both figuratively and literally is because of your caste system – the rich have gotten lazy off of the back of corruption and the downtrodden working class, while the poor, who may have a few geniuses amongst them are downtrodden to the point where they can never have the opportunity to rise above. Now the higher castes are exporting their hierarchical thinking to the rest of the world – they see the lower class white man as the equivalent of the lower castes in their system. You will never see a Idnian disrespect a higher class white westerner, only because they know that these people can be the key holders to higher income etc. However, once they get to these higher levels, all below them are nothing more than poo on their shoe – there is no egaliterianism in Indian culture. The sooner the west wakes up to this, the sooner it will avoid turning into another Fiji, where all the good jobs are taken by Indians, and the scraps are left for the native population. Indians living in other countries learn this simple rule: “When in Rome do as the Romans do.”

  • Shayari

    one of my friend lives in Melbourne, Aurstralia, He visited India December 2010 and he was quite happy with the living of people and the behaviour of Au people. Though, expressed his dis-satisfaction about the life of being in Australia. He said, “he miss India’s people Apnapan and warmth of India.” But due to career and business he made himself settled down there. But he never faced any abuse by Australians, rather he have lots of friends their.

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  • Tricia

    There are just so many damn Indians! They go abroad to go to school and take jobs in foreign nations away from teh peope that live there. Unlike the Oriental Asians who may go to school but then go home or visit a country as tourists so they are considered revenue bearers.

  • kyii

    look, australia really is a racist country. since the beggining of this place, the white popoulation has seen themselves as superior by killing the natives and not being tolerant of people such as chinese iduring the gold rushes. These people should understand that there country would be absoltley nothing with immigration of minority groups such as indians. many sterotypes and such are made and this really breaks everyones hearts, especially the indians. however, it seems this is a country without actual direction of solcing these problems.

  • Hemantha

    Some Indians are so hypocritical. They get all angry when a few students are attacked in Australia, But in their own country Dalits are killed, massacred every day yet no one gets angry about that.

  • Mickey

    To the bastard pervert with the Turban on his fucken head I hope you get caught for molesting the poor child at the school. That’s the problem when you bring unknown personnel from overseas – our crime rate increases.So angry!!!!

  • Johnston

    There are too many Indians in Australia. Half of our workpkace is Indian. I am sick of the pricks. They are everywhere. They do not deserve to be here. They need to be taught birth control before anything else. It is irresponsible to give / teach them anything until they learn how to bring their population under control.GO HOME AND FIX YOUR OWN COUNTRY YOU LAZY PATHETIC ROACHES!!!PS, I am not racist. I enjoy the company of many ethnicities, just not those arrogant, lazy, greedy overpopulating Indians. They would rather run form there problems than fix them.

    • Jimmy

      maybe if you dumb convicts were smarter, you could do THOSE jobs in IT etc and not have your PATHETIC nation call the Indian and Chinese govs for techies !dumb kunt lol

  • justagirl

    almost everyone who has written in this page has used the F-word and it seems the only person being bashed for it is fariha. why? is there a rule that says girls are’nt allowed to swear or something.As for the whole racism issue i have been in australia for nearly 18 months now. I’ve had good times and bad times. I have faced racism and even been sexually harrassed. Not by australians but by indian cunts who think they can do whatever they please.

    • Bob R

      Who are the criminals? Does anyone remember Graeme Staynes and his two young boys that were burnt to death in India? No? How quickly you forget, you very intolerant nation. If you don’t like Australia (and mind you, it IS racist – I should know, I’m a migrant) – then get out. I will (possibly Canada).

      • fearlessstallion

        hi fariha,i am amazed to read the language you hv been using,only goes to show the family background you come from,on one here is complaining about life being good or bad in australia,the discussion is the racist attacks happening,irrespective of what kind of fones ppl carry or clothes people wear,as long as the y can afford it,is no reason for any dick head to attack ppl,you seem to hv come from a place where parent hv taught no manners i guess.

  • Ra-nit

    I studied in Australia few years back. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will always treasure the experience. though I am not Indian, I have Indian origins. I found the Australian people one of the nicest, most helpful people in the world. I am not Indian but have Indian origins. I was impressed everything – with their sense of citizenship, their sense of patriotism, the high level of ethics they had regarding their rules, laws, profession, their well-planned cities and suburbs – well almost everything. I shared accomodation with australian men and women at various places in Adelaide. Being a single girl, nobody ever exploited me or took advantage of me and nobody ever made a pass at me. Knowing that I was a stranger and an overseas student, they were very considerate to my needs and went out of their way to help me. Lots of people from Mauritius have gone there for higher studies and have always come back with positive experiences to relate and share with us.

  • pristilla

    u stupid astralians colour is not a matter.

  • mel akshnova

    Hi Guys,I read all the comments here & it feels like some ignorant bastards trying to win the war by blaming each other. I basically from Iran & coming to Australia found great people as well as worst of the worst generally uneducated thugs ( live in their own little island). However, going through the history of Australia we found big act of racism which we could not deny likeStarts with Aborigin then to the Italians or Greeks in 1950′s. In 1980′s started with the Vietnamese or the asian communities,2001 to the lebanese brothers and today some element to the Indians. However, looking at the history everytime the country has found a reason to deny the facts rather than accepting it & solving the issue. But saying so, I also acknowledge I met most of the educated Aussie to be very good, tolerable and really love to be with them. Thugs are very few & very lessTo all of the Indians, I try to convey the message that three things:1. Get your community more stronger by uniting with each other doesn’t matter if you are from south or the north (Going through the blogs I understand that all are blaming each other by parts of India).2. Get every week meeting for only Indians & discuss the issue you are facing and ways to solve the issues. In past Italian or Greek community or vietnamese created strong base community to solve this issue. So I believe you Indians need to do that as well.3. Be alert & act smart any kind of areas you reckon dangerous try to avoid it. Get contact number of police whom you trust, alert your friends if required to gently pass the message to the police. Any issues or problems tell to your community leader, media and find ways to resolve the issue.Also remember shy & timid nature has no place in Australia. I m not encouraging to fight but I m telling you to act smart & dont hide the matter bcos if you dont do it, then another of your country men will go through the same phase. So better if you feel any kind of racism element, oppose in a right way & contact the right person.Today’s world media is very powerful….To all the good Australian Citizen, don’t encourage this kind of attack as good. In humanity or Australianism, this acts are of babarism and is bringing shame to Australia. So stand together and say as an Australian citizen we must fight against this barbaric issue & we will condemn in everyway.Wars will not resolve any issue but politeness willl.2.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I am trying to do a project on racial prejudice for school and I am sitting here reading this article’s comments. First of all you are all hypocrites you both think the other is racist when you are being racist yourself. We all need to be sensitive and adapt to other cultures. Nobody deserves to run around the streets fearing of being attacked over something they have no control over. Also the people of indian culture commenting on this article are extroadinarlily racist towards corcasian people. Just everyone, if you don’t want to be bullied don’t be a bully yourself.

  • manav

    if indians are treated like this in australia then we are also able to do same as they are doing

  • A R Sundararajan

    by God, there’s so much hatred; everyone is spewing venom, Indians and Whites alike.

    • Anonymus

      Plz dont refer to White people as “whites” that is taking a huge amount of people and blaming every white person for being racist, they are not all bad. I hate racism, I am Scottish living in australia and people find my accent funny but I dont say that all Australians are racist. Sorry to bother you but thanks if u listened :)

  • Fariha

    oh and I don’t think I’m superior than anyone. I have met a lot of good Indians! And I have a lot of Indian friends. I just think those people who don’t appreciate here are idiots and should just get out if they don’t like it. And to be honest, it’s only the male Indians that make trouble. I see them all the time in the city, trains and buses and everywhere. They don’t have any respect for anyone. And u would understand if u were a girl and got ur ass touches by some scummy indian pervert in a packed train while they stare at ur boobs. I think a majority of women here would vote for THOSE Indians to get out!

  • Fariha

    @ AJR
    I’m not bloody married! I’m 19 years old and I’ve been here since I was 9 years old. So why don’t u just shut ur whole and take ur stupid opinions somewhere else!?
    @proud white girl
    ur an idiot. It’s caus of people like u that everyone thinks that the whole of Australia is racist. Please don’t open ur mouth again and insult urself!

    • Jimmy

      you are not an aussieyou are a bangladeshino matter what you do, youre not white… go ahead put on that retarded lil aussie accent lmao

  • Fariha

    Indians who smell like curry all the time and speak as loud as possible with no respect, they’re the racist ones. They have no respect for anyone. Go back to your country cause no one wants u here anyway. And I don’t care what y say about me or Bangladesh, I know what I am. And no I do not come from a poor family and my parents are very educated. And I love Australia and yes some people in Australia are racist but Australia is fully with immigrants. So australians can be middle eastern people, Europeans, Asians and anyone else. I just don’t like Indians who come into some one else’s country and don’t respect it and then expect respect back. And it’s not only the Indians, it’s a lot of Muslims as well who do this. If u don’t like it here and the people and the culture, then what the hell are u doing here? And I’m still in school, and it’s disgusting when 30 year old Indians in trains and streets and everywhere perve on school girls. It’s pathetic. No wonder everyone thinks all Indian males are stupid perverts!

  • rock

    penthius: ur a racist low life ..

  • rock

    The Lifeguard was bashed and beaten up by a large group of Middle Eastern (lebanese) muslims !!get ur facts rite ..the lifeguard was bashed and beaten up by a TURKISH muslims! stop blaming everythin on lebs u retardand why do u have to mention ‘muslims’ .. watta racist

  • simon khan

    What the Australians fail to understand is we Indians have global presence and i can asure them we are not a weak nation of people…we are not Aborigines,we are a race of Warriors ,education,and class..So watch out you Kangaroo’s your messing with a nation of Tigers who will eat you up and spit out the bones, Australia continue as you are and we will strike back ,london,india,us,Europe, we are every where!How many back packers travel to Goa,how would they like it if we acted like them..”Non -educated,British-rejects,with a bat and ball to carve out a bright future…Shameful

  • Indian Tiger

    Hi Fariha, meanwhile I see that Bangladesh has turned into a wonderful place ever since it got kicked out of India 50 years ago. It’s churning out the likes of you..

  • AJR

    Hey all! The problem with people like Fariha is that when they come from a shithole like Bangladesh and land to one of the developed countries like Australia, they almost take it for granted that they are a novelty and have the license to look down on other people. Most of her comments I’ve gone through were marred with gibbersih hateful tirades. It also shows that she’s a rather insecure individual cuz she thinks that she is so cool now just becuz of her marrying some white dude as she mentioned in one of her earlier posts and now has the right to look down on her heritage. The fact that people need to understand is that people are people, regardless of race or culture or whatever. I think it’s about time we realise this and act humbly to build on it. I am an UK born Bangladeshi-Canadian and I think that this whole thing must not be blown out of proportion. Indians are amazing people, so are the Australians, and so are any other goddamned people out there. We have to try and accomodate our own liberties sometime in order to coexist peacefully.

  • JO


  • Joel


  • Bobs ur uncle

    This is so bullshit. this racism must stop or people will start to die

  • Beau Carroll

    i am disgusted in the way of all this racism against both indians and the australians.

  • Michael

    I’m glad you at least acknowledged that not all Australians are racist. In fact, many of us aren’t. And there is very little substantial evidence to say these attacks are racially-motivated. No doubt, some will be, but you can’t just cry racism every time an Indian gets attacked.

  • F** YOU all

    Ya all cry racism too much. Blamin the whole nation for some stupid Sh**T. Indians got murdered by Indians and other immigrants not whites you bastards. Plus you kill your own people so f**K off.

    • simon khan

      Well there you have it the prime minister has spoken…F**k off back to where you came from…bunch of cowards you Auzi’s also u have a habit of Bullying ,i would like you to come to Southall uk and try it we would make “KANGAROO CHUTNEY OUT OF YOU”..

  • SudaneseAustralian

    Hi,Came across this article. Sudanese also face racism, except they are more silent about it, the reason being most of us had enough of war and conflict and want to live in peace in this country. We are often called niggers and coons (africoons). There was a town called tamworth that recently voted to ban Sudanese from coming to settle there.white Australians are very racist. It is a fact. They killed their own aboriginal people and hunted them like animals 100 years ago, and aboriginal australians were classified as human beings and given right to citizenship less than 70 years ago, and white australia policy was abolished only towards the later part of 20th century.Unless we migrants work together for our own protection and voices to be heard, we will always be treated shabbily by white australians.

  • George Stevens

    Indians in Australia left for dead. Judge doesn’t give a Toss for Victims

    Read the article below and you can understand why these attacks on International students and Indians continue. The Law, that is the Justice system and Judges protect the criminal. What would have happened if these victims were not Indian but a Blue eyed Blonde Australian girl. The perpetrators would have been dished out much more jail time. Nobody is to blame but the Government. They have the power to change things but do not give 2 hoots except for the facade they put on for the media. The Victorian Government in particular where most of the crimes have happened is just concerned with the $$$$$$$$$ Indians and other Interational students brig in.

    Two teenagers who bashed a group of Indian men will not have to serve
    any more time in custody
    Norrie Ross
    From: Herald Sun
    February 17, 2010 1:21PM
    UPDATE 5.51PM: A JUDGE today refused to increase the sentences of two thugs who launched a terrifying
    attack on a group of Indian men.
    County Court judge Christine Thornton said the brothers’ 12 month youth detention order was lenient but it should
    stand because of the delay in bringing an appeal to court.

    She resentenced the 18 year old and 17 year old to the same 12 month term imposed in the Childrens’ Court, and for
    which they got early parole.
    The sentence today was delayed because the older youth turned up nearly an hour late and his brother 20 minutes
    At two prior hearings they were both at least 20 minutes late for court but the judge took no action against them.

    During the unprovoked attack in an Indian convenience store in Sunshine eight men were injured and one of them
    spent 15 days in a coma and was left with permanent brain injuries.

    A group of four co-offenders, including his brother, entered the store and caused mayhem, assaulting their cowering
    victims and stealing a till containing several hundred dollars.
    The assaults were captured on CCTV and when the judge viewed it she said it was very serious attack on innocent
    “The Director says 12 months for the injuries caused is inadequate.”

  • Jake

    they deserved it, australia is full ok. Stop coming here, we dont want you god damnit

  • Sharma

    Why do u want to go Oz or other devepoled country ??

  • Mick

    This whole racism is getting beyond the joke – violence happens throughout the world and not only to Indians. White Australians which includes many other race experience violence why is that Indians feel victimised. Didn’t your own kind murder the young boy Singh and the Indian boy that got burnt accusing somebody else was self inflicted to rip off an Insurance company. Where is the justice for this ? – Students from India get well treated, paid allowances, accomodation, work for cash even where there is illegal immigrants. The bottom line is they have it easy with the added luxury. It’s the Government and Bureaucrats that are causing the fuss and tension. It’s our Government that continue to give Indian Students and Indians in general the freedom by bringing them in truck loads.

  • Jon

    Australians aren’t racist, this problem is caused by a few trouble making Indians and the pathetic Indian media. Calling Australians racist is ignorant and stupid. We all immigrated here at some time and we welcome people from all over the world.Most of the attacks are not caused by white Australians and I challenge anyone that thinks otherwise to prove it. In the recent weeks, we have had two murders and one instance where an Indian man was burnt. One of those murders was caused by other Indians and the man who was burnt did it to himself. Australia is one of the most multi cultural countries on the planet and also one of the safest. If you go walking through a park in the middle of the night, there is a big chance that you may be stabbed.One question you should ask yourself about this: Why is it just Indians that are being attacked? Answer: Nobody is attacking Indians because they hate them. In most cases it is Indians attacking Indians. In some cases it was also Lebanese people attacking them!This whole thing was hyped up and blown way out of proportion. We want foreign students to come here and enjoy our great country and learn from our great education system that we have to offer.

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  • rajat

    In India there is racism is everywhere.There is widespread discrimination against Dalit population in Temple, education center, government job , private job in India. Most Hindu so called upper caste are much more racist than Autralians. But when these Indians go to Australia can feel only small part of Discrimination.A Austalians Grahem Stance and his two son was burned alive by the Bajerang Dal ( Indian Hindu) .His Only fault was that he came to India for upliftment of downtrdden Dalit .

  • Indian faked attack to claim insurance: Oz police

    [...] Racism in Australia, but what is this, Jaspreet did this for his insurance claim. So, there are Indians there in Australia who are trying to show out wrong pictures, this is really un-justified and should be punished Jaspreet Singh, the Indian who said he was attacked and burnt in Australia earlier this month, may have actually faked it. [...]

  • Robb

    I found the comments posted by you ranging towards a flipped level of racism back towards Australians. This loses credibility to your argument as no one can be expected to give much cause to improve while being insulted, aka: “Color of the skin does not give your anything more and we are much ahead in brains and we can do much more than you.”Though to some of the other comments posted there are many who double the problem seeming to refuse to understand the other sides thoughts. Aggression will only lead to further Aggression.

  • mkapoor

    Kishore Ashokan that is a well written article , sorry for some of the opinions that dont match the theme of the blog . I live inUSA as a physician Its because of our presence since the 60′s that today a “negro as articulated by Harry Reid of the Democratic party is a president in this all jew jesus believing country :The so called negroes of Haiti who deserve this earth quake as stated by Pat Robinson, the humanatraian jew -jesus driven UN doctors who left the patients and walked off in Haiti where taken care by Sanjay Gupta a Hindu son of Hindu parents who is brilliant and would have been a better appointment to the cabinet secretary for the Health and Human Services than Katherine Sebelius was by passed by Obama because of his hatred to Indians ,things he called during the democratic campaign,Kalpen Modi who is so far intelligent was given a side show of Asian , and Cho was given Energy secretary. Mr Gandhi who is the Financial Manager for the city WahingtonDC would have been a better Secretary of Tresury than Geitner who helped AIG take all the moneyThe list goes on and on.THE REALITYIS THAT BOTH AUSSIES, BRITS, CANADS, ISREAL, ARABS, SINGAPORE AFROS DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH INDIA AND THE HINDUS WHO ARE EXCEPTIONALLY BRIGHT ,so therfore the attacks, the stoppage of VISA by Brits to North Indians only ( what does that mean North Indian )We face this hate also here , the so called negro population that is called negro by Harry Reid steals, rapes , the catholics , baptists ( remember GRAHAM STEIN conversions in Orissa to get the so called blacks salvation , the wife and children decided to stay back in the so called horrible slum fo India , the last time Mrs Stein was seen she was wearing those expensive silk saris and making rounds inthe party circle for Isreal ), the methodist, the calvinsit, the mormons, the jeevohas wittness, and nearly 300 divisions and hatred along with the jews and arabs and pakis our plate is fullI wish you the best,but dont give in Every one of us has the right to live and work anywhere without being attacked Write to me my mail is shivaparvati_3@hotmail.com

  • j

    Indians are also racist towards their own darker skinned indians as well as blacks. I don’t feel any pity.

  • Australian Proud

    Hi All,
    I am New Zealand Born, But have been living in Australia for over Ten Years, I have learnt that the Indian MEN not the Women are very RUDE,VIOLENT,SLEAZY and if they get the opportunity to rob you in a cab they will, They drive Cabs with incorrect ID’s Displayed and they don’t have a clue as to where they are going even with a GPS (Or are they playing us hmmm) This is what Australia does not tolerate!!!!! If you try to rob us we will retaliate isn’t that human nature to stick up for your rights!!!! against any race person…..
    And what about the murders of the Asian families that were affected last year you don’t hear the Asian race going on about Australians being racist, I think Indian Men are Drama Queens, Indian Women are so nice and loving I think they need to start listening to there Women cause they talk to much shit!!!!

    One thing Australia has taught me since I have been here is acceptance to all Cultures and Races and I have met some of the best people from all over the world, Get a life Indian Men, Build a bridge and move on……
    As for the Australian Government start standing up for all Australian’s, You know were not racist, And as for the students that have been attacked, I feel for you and I am sorry for you, But you must have had said something to piss someone off!!!!!
    I’m a New Zealander and since I have been in this Country I have never been attached, Why because I walk with my head held up high and loving every experience this country has to offer both me and my family and I respect this country and the people in it and I mind my own business, you Indian men need to do the same!!!!

  • samuel welsh

    I fully surport Indian people in austriliastand up guys and report aussies racist scumGod loves ya

  • Winters

    Maybe you should review your social system based on castes, or isn’t that discrimination as well?

  • Bluey

    I do not deny there are racists in Australia. Every country has those who despise people who are different. But to paint our country racist to the core, when half of all Australians are themselves immigrants is patently ridiculous.

    Since 1947 Australia’s population has nearly tripled largely due to immigration, and today more than 50% of all Australians are immigrants or the children of immigrants. Walk through Australian cities and you will see faces from all over the world. Despite this, the number of crimes based on religion, race or caste is tiny. Most immigrants, including my own family, firmly believe we are better off here than in our countries of origin. Meanwhile, over the same period in India, literally millions of people have been killed and brutalized based on their ethnicity, caste or religion – and there is no shortage of people queuing up to leave.

    Although individuals being mugged while walking home from train stations late at night is an unwelcome problem, it is relatively uncommon and hardly evidence of a deeply racist society. Just as rational people would not portray a tourist being robbed or murdered in Mumbai as evidence that all Indians are racist; it makes no sense to do the same in Melbourne.

    It pains me to say it, but before Indians wag their fingers over crime around Finders Street station they really ought to take a closer look at some of their own stations; like Godhra. One has had half a dozen muggings – the other a race riot that resulted in over 2000 people being burned or beaten to death. And, sadly, this is just one of a dozen brutal race riots at the same station since Independence.

    When India is free of hate crime, Australians will gladly listen to their politicians lecture us on how to combat racism. Till then it begs the question – why are they focusing on street crime in a distant land when there is so much work to be done in their own?

  • Sandra Bane

    I am, like you, appalled by the racism attacks on Indian nationals in Australia, how ever I don’t think that you will get very far with the attitude that you are trying to generate. There is a saying “do onto others as you would have them do onto you”. Imagine the same Indian who refers to Africans as dirty and uneducated are offended when someone else thinks that they are dirty and uneducated. What does light skin upper caste has to do with anybody. It is basically a fantasy created to appease the insecure. Listen, Australia is Australia with a unique rich culture of its own. I don’t hear of Australian rushing to get into India to do anything. Maybe that is a sign. You all are not just rushing to study in Australia, you all rushing to get out of India by all means. I can write about this because I come from a country with a large Indian population who thinks the same way, i.e. that world is out to get them. No one can figure them out .They cannot even figure themselves out. Maybe the Australians saw what was happening to the country and decided to nip it in the bud. Just imagine the great Australian beaches and rivers littered with some ugly flags. Hospitals wards overcrowded with diabetes and heart patients because they diet consist of flour alone .And don’t forget they breed like flies. If left on checked the capital of India maybe Sydney in a couple of years. Get the picture .See why the white Australians don’t like Indians .So ratter than hurry up and get out of the people’s country ,these same people are talking about upper caste and African people .There is nothing more discriminating than the caste system .You all act that very same way with your own people. You shoot them, spit on them and leave them live in human waste. So tell me why are you all so shocked when people don’t like you. My suggestion to the whole problem, practice what you preach. Go back home, feed and embrace and untouchables .May them high class touchable, and upper class caste members. If you cannot do that, then shut up leave Australia quickly.

    • Jimmy

      you make no sense you dumb slutif youre going to pretend to be smart, at least make a pointThere are FAR more Chinese than Indians in Aussie, so dont play that ‘taking over’ bullshitYOu are just a vile racist cuntFunny you seem to be an expert on indian culture – you smelly nigger whoreplease commit suicide

  • Leah

    To Dhruv’s comment above,I’d like to clarify that ‘mallus’ are not from Andhra,but a different state..but it’s often sadly true that Telugu people from Andhra are often ill-adjusted in other places.Not condoning any form of racism anywhere,I’d like to point out (I’m an Indian) that not matter who you are,whatever ur culture or background,when u live abroad,try to respect your host country and the society there.I live abroad and yes,there have been few unpleasant instances,but there are many ways of handling it peacefully.

  • Vik

    Again, if somebody is treating you bad, and it is not for a historical or religious reason, then chances are you, or your community might have done something wrong as well. In the case of incidents in Australia, do not blame it on white australians when some trashy redneck aussies made stupid decisions. You see penthius, because few assuies did this, the rest of white aussies are to be blamed for this. In the similar manner, because few indians displayed their culture in a manner not liked by your natives, rest of the indians are suffering from it.

  • Vik

    Listen, there are many cultures all around the world who inherit culture from their roots. When a foreigner goes to that specific country, it is the foreigner’s responsibility to make sure he acts a certain way which WILL NOT OFFEND the culture of that abroad country. For example, I attend a top 15 engineering university in US. I am an indian, and I have many white, indian, asian, black, hispanic friends. I have friends from different diversities, being, orientals, blacks, and hispanic’s. Thats why I know that they also face racism in this country. HOWEVER, after africans, Indians are treated the worst. The reason is because some Indians who come from India do not have the tendency to respect the american culture. Americans do not like to smell something they are not used to, and they do not like people barging into their personal time, or interrupt them during their work. In my college, as well as other universities, indian’s are known to be smelly and cultureless. HOW DARE THEY THINK THAT…I said to myself when I first heard this. I faced through much racism in the beginning, and ended up into many fights. In the end, I realized what was going on. One day I was in a computer lab, with good ventilation and fresh breeze from the AC. A friend of mine just came into the lab after having dinner. Suddenly the place smelt like masala. Obviously she did not realize because she is used to the smell. I smelt it, and so did the rest of the lab. The person next to me said “Why does it smell like indian in here”, and he closed his nose with a rotten expression. The other day, I was in a library. The library, although some areas say “quiet area” and some do not, americans like to keep quiet during their session in the library. In the quiet region of the library, the indian masters students come in, and they start speaking very loud hindi and disturb the whole floor. Somebody tells them to be quiet, but they continue without regrets. So the people just try to mind their business with a disgusted face. NOT ALL INDIANS ARE THIS WAY. There are few immature ones in groups, who do such things. Yet, because of them, the impression passes on through out the region.A year back, I was told that one of the night clubs infront of the campus was very racist against indians. Few months ago, this discussion comes up with an indian friend of mine, and he says, a year and half ago, he went to that club with few of his other indian friends to that club. The friends got drunk, and one of them touched the dancer who was doing her pole dance routine. He got kicked out. Apparently similar thing happened few months later. After some of these incidents, the club started treating all indians like shit. Ofcouse, in the end, they closed down. But my point is, ANYBODY, could have touched the girl. ANY DRUNK MALE could have done that. But because indians are foreigners, the host citizens will be looking for reasons to hate the foreigners and such things give them reasons beyond bargain. American born indians do not face that much racism at all, as they well blend into the crowd. It is indians who come for their masters who face the problem.My advice to someone who is planning on going abroad for education. Make sure you do not smell like masala when you go to school. PEOPLE KNOW YOU ARE SMART, so do not try to show them that you are. Do not be arrogant. Oh, and do not be cheap, spend the money where you should spend it, and save it where you should. Do not try to rip anybody off, it is very intolerable in any country. And finally, follow the rules. As long as you do the above, it simply means you are respecting the people in the foreign reason, and it will only do you good.pardon my language, but if you do the right thing, and are still treated badly, then correct it in an appropriate manner, DON’T LET NOBODY TREAT YOU LIKE A BITCH.

    • Indian Tiger

      Hi Vik, bro you are the perfect kinda guy that is an aussies dream come true. Congratulations. please stay there and keep up your good work over there but promise me that you won’t post again on this forum :)

  • proud white girl

    And telemarketing all done by indians, fucking drives me insane. I hang up on you as soon as I hear your accent. Stupid indians think they can speak proper english. What a joke.

    • Jimmy

      you are disgusting truly

    • simon khan

      Also as for telemarketers i agree…they are bunch of headcases..i cant stand them,it’s not the accent,but the pitch and content…so if it were a soft spoken Ausi ,”would you entertain the call then,No you would not”…Australia has made a mockery of the English language,and i am not basing this on Crocadile Dundee,Generally you have adopted your own Language or should i say “what a load of Croc”…

    • gouthami

      we Indians are helping economy & paying taxes bringing our property & income here to make Australia prosperous,not shitting the country,We come as skilled migrants,very educated ,not just like you guys come jsut like that you moron wake up .You white proud girl must have come from some other shitty country to shit in australia more,not us,we dont do drugs like you do .People like you are making australia shit stop it racist person

      • proud white girl

        First, learn about grammar and spelling before you start trying to write in someone elses language. I guess you just proved my point about indian males being stupid. A piece of paper saying you sat in a classroom for a certain period of time doesn’t mean that you have any logic or intelligence. And by the way idiot, indians are caucasian too, which means I can’t possibly be racist, as the definition of racism requires you to believe your race superior to another. Your assumption that I am a drug addict is childish, but of course you are. Stop living in your little bubble thinking that others view you as smart. It simply isn’t true.

        • Hibah

          Heyy! I think you are being very unfair here by creating assumptions that all Indians are the same. Firstly, I am Pakistani and not PAKI. Be respectful to people and may I add we are all not the same. I find the Uk much more tolerant and I am sure the over-excited Indian students must be equally ‘annoying’ here. However, that is no excuse to hurt somebody. We are all people. Anyway, in all ethnic groups there are unattractive traits. For example, the ‘chav’ in England. Also, there is no need to criticise peoples English. Atleast they can speak it to a degree of which you are able to understand ‘proud white girl’. In your own intellectual scale I would say ‘take your pride and shove it up your arse.’ BIGOT.

  • proud white girl

    I am just so sick of looking at, or hearing indians, and that includes all the groups who don’t class themselves as indians even though you all look and smell the same ie pakis, sri lankans, fijian indians etc. It’s not just the students who piss us off, it’s all of you. Stay in your own shit countries and work on building them up. I have studied in classes where nearly every student bar myself was either an indian or asian, and I can tell you that the males ALL CHEAT because they are stupid, and the women all help them. They get in big groups and give each other the answers, homework, tests etc. The only reason they pass is because they need atleast four brains, where I do my work by myself. Indians thinking they are smart. Please. That’s why you’re country is shit, and you all infest other countries, yes infest. I’d vote for the White Australia policy back in a heartbeat.

    • simon khan

      Proud white girl…so what is it you are proud of exactly?It cant be your open mined attitude,it cant be Australia’s bloody white history of Ethnic Clensing,it cant be the lack of education of the lower white classes,it cant be the constant support delivered by a white Govt to help engage the younger white youth Drug prevention programs,underage sex…I have shown you that your leaders are white,key heads of industry are white,”SO WHAT DIFFERNCE would WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY bring “…nothing..to change ..we must change first!!!

  • tranquilityclub

    i’m an indian dreamed to work+study in australia by gods grace it did’t happen . I hope things will improve and the australians will turn soft soon…………………please don’t attack indians

    These guys have to pay off their bank loans and they have father(1) mother(1) and sisters waiting at home….. please ….

    • idiot


      *jokes srry im pissed im not gunna bash u*


      WHAT ABOUT INDIA HUH? India hasnt raped or bashed or killed,stolen a scamd any AUSTRALIANS? the medias covering india u shit. stop perving at us.

  • Mr Bob Smith

    You Indians are pissweak. Most of these attacks were either not racially motivated or weren’t even by White Australians. This all says more about how mentally fragile Indians are rather than white Australians who are nothing but gracious in accepting foreigners into our universities. This propensity to lash at ‘whitey’ is nothing short of shameful and quite frankly it disgusts me.There is far more violence and racism in India where poor people are hacked to pieces or burned alive everyday, hell, all these whinging students wouldn’t be here if they’re weren’t in the right caste.It’s simple, If you’re not happy with Australia then fuck off.

    • simon khan

      Mate you must think you are the last messiah,and Australia is the promised land…Gracious does not come in to ,Commercial gain of Billions generated through Intl Students…I am sorry you feel victimized whitey….Mate the only Victims were the poor Aborijines who you wiped out,like the native Indians in the us,all whiteys,so if you are feeling singled out don’t ,it’s not your fault your ignorant!…oh and lastly why don’t the excess of Auzi bar men in the uk just go home…

  • penthius

    This post is WRONG WRONG WRONG !

    I am an aussie , a “white skinned person” as you referred to in your post and let me tell you , you are incorrect mate !

    It was NOT the “white skinned people” of Australia who attacked the Indian guys from uni , it was infact Middle Eastern Muslims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT because it is stuff like this that pushes those few of us here that defend Indians and Asians when they are attacked by the lebanese muslims to otherwise turn a blind eye !

    As an Australian I will also tell you that the laws in our country are sickening to the “white skinned people”.

    You as tourists , or immigrants or students are protected in our country from racist rants , racist verbal abuse and we the “white skinned people” are NOT !

    Australians can be called “white skinned people” , “aussie scumbags” , “aussie sluts” and anything else you would like to call us and there is nothing in the law for the “white skinned people” to do anything about it ! We have to accept it !

    If you are NOT a “white skinned person” in Australia the Law is there to protect you and you cannot be called anything that resembles a racist comment or an offensive comment in relation to your skin color or your birth country or your religion – and the law comes down hard in regards to racism, there are jail terms for extreme cases !

    Australia was once the lucky country but not anymore for the “white skinned” Australians !!

    Yes it is disgusting what happened to the Indian Uni Community but who is the real racists here ? Not the “white skinned” Australians mate !!

    • coolguy

      Dear Lady Penthius,I agree with you and also see that indian origin people have some cultural habits like talking loudly in train, and may be they smell bad blah blah blah..but given all this Is it justified to kill them..? common… they are students ..they dont have huge chunks of money to go on a lavish lifestyle.. which is probably Austrailian Lifestyle… were you guys were wearing good cloths and smelling all nice when you first landed in this land…or were your great grand father not having any traits of europian culture..and for your info..thease are student there are still indian citizens..they are not Australian…until they dont take oath for australian citizenship there culture will remain indian.. unless you are giving them this university degrees for free..so dont open your colleges for them…if your culture does not accept them..if your society can’t provide them this safety…we will not send our kids if they are not safe there thats very simple…its for indian students too..that why the heck do you guys go to begging this country ..can’t you fight for your own rights in your own country..change india first..we have jobs..moeny..just finish your degrees somehow there…learn from them there good things and come back to india…give this knowledge to your people where it is needed most..change it…this is the time…dont beg…we should create universtity that people should come to our place to study…we need to grow…

  • Sydney, Melbourne voted ‘most unfriendly and unsafe’

    [...] Melbourne voted ‘most unfriendly and unsafe’ – Racism in Australia, who is at fault? Related Posts:Hit back action agaist racist attack in Australia – Where will this [...]

  • A R Sundararajan

    Does orientating oneself to a specific culture require getting beaten up? Is it part of the official procedure? Unwritten rule, may be. If for example one has written above, just knowing only about ‘cookery’ does not entail getting beaten up; you just don’t know anything else, period. Who gives the visa? Visa allocation procedures should have summarily rejected those candidates who they think do not stand a chance against living amidst cultural specifics quintessential to living in Australia. This is racism minus swastika. Does official pamphlets say what are the possible cultural eccentricities one must be prepared to face, while applying for a visa? Just you because find ‘something’, ‘something’ that looks brown, and something that does ‘strange’ things like being scared and speaking with a funny accent you beat that ‘something’ up. Assimilating into a culture takes time, period; if you think that ‘something’ is not measuring up for some reason, cancel his visa, and ask him to get out; but, given the money flow, I think Australia wants to have the whole cake and eat it, too; the only reason they sound politically correct this time is they don’t want to image their spoiled, which in turn might inflow of students of non-Indian origin. Every culture has some eccentricities, Chinese ‘live Chinese’ within the four walls of their dwelling, and so is the case with other communities (not all Chinese know kung fu, which is the staple understanding of Western media), and why dont they get beaten up, why their being essentially what they are (keeping their identity is not a problem for anyone, and why aren’t they getting beaten up). No amount of visits by emissaries and polite conversations in lush settings can ameliorate what has already been done; the point is such hatred as demonstrated can only have come from a very deep-seated bias; there is no two ways looking at it; and any Indian (unless he is very fond of getting a fat dowry or drive swanky cars, and live a second-class low-life brown shit) with an iota of self-respect should go to Australia; diplomacy is another game, which is best left to politicians; refuse to do business with Australia, period. Australian PM says, ‘F word’ is robust conversation; may be in the upcoming negotiations WTO, or such banality, he should send AC/DC as Australian emissaries rather than ‘black and white’ diplomats. Just imagine the kind of treatment the ‘white’ guy in his elements-being a white guy, that is, including the saviour acts-in our five-star hotels; everyone clamors for him. We have been slaves for 400 years, some of it has to linger on for some more time, which will be quite sometime before ‘brown shit’ eyeballs ‘white shit’ and trade blow for blow. We don’t need Australia. It is time we got that message across, LOUD and CLEAR; what things you learn anyway, other than the cultural banalities and severely unhappy, isolated ‘ME FIRST’ ‘ME LAST’ type of life, which is why kids in the White wonderland pick up guns and blow up schools and shed innocent blood. I am sure white-right must be enjoying the show, saying, “those Aussies are doing a darn good job’, tan their hides, coolies and cretins.’

  • Ankur

    look at that ugly girl with bear bottle, she cant do this alone so she is doing in group. How ugly she appears.

    all the time australians say they are hygienic and indians are not. so look at the picture i have never seen indan doing such things. Do u consider the environment of this picture hygienic. Having bear bottles in hand. Crowds of criminals wid dirty hand attacking a person. They look so dirty. look at their clothings and appearance.

    You ppl are proud of urself to kill an innocent unarmed alone man. Why do u attack in large groups. U all are COWARD so u cant fight alone. U come in bunches to attack an alone person. 50 – 60 persons attacking a single person to show racism. huh what a shameful act.

    • penthius


      The photo refers to the “cronulla riots” .

      What took place at Cronulla was as a result of what Lebanese Muslims had started !

      For the first time , Australians had had enough of the Muslims threatening and intimidating Australians and other races who would visit Sydneys Cronulla beach .
      The Muslims took over and stopped everyone else including Indians from using the beach !
      But most of all what started the “cronulla riots” was the SICKENING ATTACK of an Australian Lifeguard !!!
      The Lifeguard was bashed and beaten up by a large group of Middle Eastern (lebanese) muslims !!
      Do your research and see what kind of work the Australian Lifeguards do !!!
      Also look up and see for the past 10 years how the Lebanese Muslims have trodden all over this country , breaking all the rules , GANG RAPES , drive by shootings and killings , re-birthing of cars , armed robberies and the list goes on and on.

      Ask any Australian at all and they will tell you what Lebanese Muslims are REALLY LIKE in this country !
      They are GUTLESS , They never fight alone , they are always in packs like wolves , they attack only those who cannot defend themselves back !

      The Cronulla riots was the first time in years that Australians FOUGHT BACK !!!

      WHat you do not know is that on that same day the Muslims had attacked girls on there own , stabbed Aussies that tried to defend girls , and most of all what you do not know is that Australians got charged but the Lebanese Muslim got away with it all because they claimed and cried ” RACISM ” and so the Australian authorities let them get away with it all .

      ALSO WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW about the Cronulla Riots is that the MUslims were told to STAY AWAY from Cronulla that day or else they would get it .

      They knew what would happen yet some turned up anyway hoping that there would be hundreds of other Lebanese there ready to fight !

      So next time before you start ranting and raving with YOUR RACISTS posts , get your facts straight !!!!

    • Kishore Post author

      The picture shows something shocking

  • Ankur

    Australians were all criminals of Europe. They were considered most dangerous and notorious not fit for the society. so they were transported to an isolated place far away from Europe. What could u expect from these criminals. They will commit crime coz its their hereditary pblm. And even worse justify them by silly arguments which are often lies.

    The attacks will continue, until hard punishment is applied. But we need to remember its Australia home of criminals.They dont really like punishing criminals since they all are criminals. Slap on the wrist for assault, 2 years for rape, 5 years for murder. I love this country. And if u commited crime while drunk then no punishment or at most 6 to 8 months for murder.

    So if u r planning murder or any other crime go to Australia.

    • Indian Tiger

      Yes Ankur , good points and thoughtful nature even though you are young. See these Aussies in general are very timid and soft. They are not like us Indians, who can fight like Demons with utter disdain for repurcussions, when the cause is such. These Aussies are yet to grow a spine where it matters. But, you see these Aussies are good in packs where they yell and voice and show their inferior culture (And wow ,just check out the rants of some of these dumb uncouth broads on here) only when they know everyone is on their side. In other words people like her just move with the crowd. These classless uglies are to be simply ignored ;)By the way, you crazy frustrated ugly broads don’t try to stalk me on the above email coz it’s fake :)

      • idiot


    • Aussiex

      Good one Ankur PFFT NOTWow you’ve really just proven how scum Indians are.GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY IF THIS IS WHAT YOU BELIEVE.These Indians MUST be pretty dumb if they HATE it this much BUT STILL STAY HERE

  • Ankur

    I dont know wat Indians do. Media didnt reported any nonsense from Indian side. May be Indians did something wrong but you cannot justify killings and attack. If u say that Indians are not civilized and at the same time do such kind of violence n racism, then u r also not different. If u dont like Indians then stop immigration of Indians. As far as language is concerned the kind of shi t n foul language english ppl use is not used in any other culture. Indian ppl are eligible than you thats why they are there. If they are not adapting ur culture then u could have warned them politly or did a police complain. But u ppl use killing, fu-ck-in slang words, racist remarks and all n all. How u ppl think urself to be superior. By doing violance and justifying this you ppl have made urself like Indians and at the same time dont have much better brain than Indians. So u r the sole looser. U sudnt adapt this poor culture of racism. u can talk peacefully. Indians in australia protested so calmly. if they wanted they could have used violance. I appreciate this.

    Australians ppl can’t fool me that they are good. Even ur cricketers behave so badly on field. forget the bhajji issue. I remember how aussie cricketers out of over excitement of winning the match kicked out SHARAD PAWAR(Giant figure of Indian Politics, very highly educated n Indian cricket chief of that time) at the presentation. It was such a shameful act towards an old n respectable person.

    Whatever they try to fool ppl, i won’t believe them. coz Australians are vulgars. U outnumber in such incidents thats why media reports against u. There may be Indians doing bad, but that is very less and most of them are misunderstood by aussies. If u all r so dignified then why u use such bad words.

    Thanks to Media that reports ur cruel nature. I m in 12th grade and was trying for uk, australia or new zealand 4 undergraduate studies. But i m sure i cant go for Australia. They are so bad, they will kill me even i will not do any wrong thing and justify the act on the basis of any other Indian’s behaviour. They will not even dare to think that I was not like other Indians, they will just catch me on the basis of ethnicity and attack me. Such a cruel person u all are. I have started hating Australians even i know all are not the same. But yes most of them are.

    AND U INDIANS ARE ALSO NOT VERY GOOD TO BE PROUD OF. I can see Indians have started using slang words like aussies. If u cant learn good from aussies then dont learn bad. They have a culture of abusing on every single small issue. Had u learned good habits from them the situation could have been better. But what u adapted is their bad habits.

    I dont wanna hurt anyone. I m already hurt coz i had a feeling that world has changed in 21st century, but no – Racism still exist. And ppl like fariha increase this. Sorry to say fariha u have lost ur dignity that a bengali girl used to have along with other ppl here.

    • penthius

      You honestly expect every single Australian to be a perfect outstanding citizen ?
      and you bring the cricketers into this ?

      SO basically your saying that all Indian people ARE outstanding citizens and do no wrong ?

      and that the Indian Cricket Team are perfect people too and never do anything wrong ?

      So let me get this right , there is no racism in India at all ?
      White people are quite safe there ALL the time ?
      Australians are quite safe there ALL the time ?
      People from the U.K. and U.S.A. are safe too ?

      Indian people NEVER rape anyone ? never bash anyone ?
      what about STEALING do Indian people ever steal ?
      what about Indian people and money ? in particular what about Indian people and SCAMS ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      Should I go on ?

  • Ankur

    I dont know wat Indians do. Media didnt reported any nonsense from Indian side. May be Indians did something wrong but you cannot justify killings and attack. If u say that Indians are not civilized and at the same time do such kind of violence n racism then u r also not different. If u dont like Indians then stop immigration of Indians. As far as language is concerned the kind of shit n foul language english ppl use is not used in any other culture. Indian ppl are eligible than you thats why they are there. If they are not adapting ur culture then u could have warned them politly or did a police complain. But u ppl use killing, fucking slang words, racist remarks and all n all. How u ppl think urself to be superior. By doing violance and justifying this you ppl have made urself like Indians and at the same time dont have much better brain than Indians. So u r the sole looser. U sudnt adapt this poor culture of racism. u can talk peacefully. Indians in australia protested so calmly. if they wanted they could have used violance. I appreciate this.Australians ppl can’t fool me that they are good. Even ur cricketers behave so badly on field. forget the bhajji issue. I remember how Ricky Ponting out of over excitement of winning the match kicked out SHARAD PAWAR(Giant figure of Indian Politics, very highly educated n Indian cricket chief of that time) at the presentation. It was such a shameful act towards an old n respectable person.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjSJ3qoLJ8kWhatever they try to fool ppl, i won’t believe them. coz Australians are vulgars. U outnumber in such incidents thats why media reports against u. There may be Indians doing bad, but that is very less and most of them are misunderstood by aussies. If u all r so dignified then why u use such bad words.Thanks to Media that reports ur cruel nature. I m in 12th grade and was trying for uk, australia or new zealand 4 undergraduate studies. But i m sure i cant go for Australia. They are so bad, they will kill me even i will not do any wrong thing and justify the act on the basis of any other Indian’s behaviour. They will not even dare to think that I was not like other Indians, they will just catch me on the basis of ethnicity and attack me. Such a cruel person u all are. I have started hating Australians even i know all are not the same. But yes most of them are.AND U INDIANS ARE ALSO NOT VERY GOOD TO BE PROUD OF. I can see Indians have started using slang words like aussies. If u cant learn good from aussies then dont learn bad. They have a culture of abusing on every single small issue. Had u learned good habits from them the situation could have been better. But what u adapted is their bad habits.I dont wanna hurt anyone. I m already hurt coz i had a feeling that world has changed in 21st century, but no – Racism still exist. And ppl like fariha increase this. Sorry to say fariha u have lost ur dignity that a bengali girl used to have along with other ppl here.

    • Craig

      Good, fuck off.Please stay out of Australia. If you have to migrate, go somewhere else.I see Fiji and Malaysia are already full of Indians. Go there.

      • Jimmy

        Well if Aussies hate Indians so much, then why does the Aussie gov keep RECRUITING THEM ???Explain yourselves you dimwitted rednecks

        • Abhineet Sharma

          Paul its Abhineet from India we indians mostly gives respect to others we always says namaste okiess in india there is different culture and languges r spoken not only english ok man u and ur country does’t hav guts like india okiesss not only some citizens of australia like u racist but also ur cricket star like andrew symonds,mathew hayden,ricky ponting is also racist this is a big example of ur uncivilized people this thing accept every country who had palyed in australia or u don’t ever compare u hav only 3 part of indian population.U australian jealousy against indians becoz we hav expansive mobiles gold and money and we don’t spent our money in drugs like u freak

          • idiot

            oh OUR crickt starts were racist. yet when we went to india fro our match. Many of your “fans” were calling (i forgot his name) a MONKEY! do you realise how u just got owned?

      • Abhineet Sharma

        And this will cause more recession in australia

      • Abhineet Sharma

        Australian govt is waiting for some life threatning attack then the aus govt will be serious before this attacks frm hole world i prefer only australia for studies but now i never ever prefer anyone.If australian govt does’nt take stricked action against this attacks then aus govt. will losse third large income of sourse from indians students becoz already many students cancle there visa who meant to go australia they want there whole money back from universities of aus this some of fucking bad people does’nt know from indians student aus govt. get 2 billion dollar in 20072008 after this attack the income of australia will be effected.

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  • fariha

    get fucked and dont come here at all if ur gonna complain. stay in ur fucked up country. and why the fuck are u here if this land belongs to aboriginies only? now its evry1s land. no1 fuckin needs use here. i think australias have had enough of indians! ur guys are fuckin racist.

  • Dhruv


    I don’t know exactly who is called ‘Mallus’ but here in US anyone from the Southern India beginning from AP is called as Mallu. You can go to any school, any work place, anywhere and you will see the common traits these Mallus. Big ass mustache, fucked up hair style, no freaking dressing sense and last but not the least, talking loudly in their Mallu language no matter in what setting they are. Buses, trains, classrooms, restaurants, on the streets everywhere. As long as punjabis are concerned, who are the main cause all this drama in Oz, they have some shit called ‘Punjabi Pride’ going on in their brains. With that dumass Punjabi Pride, they intentionally show that they don’t care about where they are and what the rules and restrictions are, they act as if they were in India. Throwing a cup full of soda on the road while driving is showing Punjabi Pride. Playing loud Punjabi music in the car is showing Punjabi Pride. WTF is this punjabi pride shit? I think if they are so much about this Punjabi pride, they should shove it in their asses too.

  • Danielle Relation

    you are so right umm! racism happens just when the world reacts to a racism fact

  • umm

    “We should tell the white skin people that the color of their skin does not have much more that we have and they are more porn to skin diseases and cancer. Color of the skin does not give your anything more and we are much ahead in brains and we can do much more than you. ”
    Firstly immaturity makes me giggle at the ‘porn to skin diseases’ bit but secondly I am disgusted as how racist and hypocritical the person who wrote this is. By saying you are ‘much more ahead in brain and we can do much more than you’ are you not being racist? You are making an automatic genralisation that you and people with your same skin colour are smarter and better than everyone else. Technically that is racist! Maybe you havn’t bashed anyone because of their skin colour, but you have still outlined a difference between people who have your skin colour and those who don’t. You have talked your self up as being more superior because of your skin colour which is just as bad as a white person saying they are more superior. There is only one race, and that is a human race, no matter what your skin colour is you are all the same. Racism does not exist when a white person hits a black person, it exists when everyone else says that is was an act of racism because the colour of their skin is different. It is the people who define any act as an act of racial discrimination who are truely racist. Because they are the ones who point out the fact that they are of different “races”.

    • Johnston

      They should not be wearing clothes. There skin is too dark to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin D to be wearing clothes. This results in weak bones and smaller brains.

  • Kupidkutty

    But theres a point here. What we indians should do is stop paying to get bashed at aussie hands.
    (2 billion USD a year flows into australia from India as tution fee paid by students gaining entrance into universities there).
    Go to the US or the UK or even Germany. Education is free there. And for gods sale Mallus (people from Kerala and not Andhra Pradesh FYI )should stop being the shitty crappy lot they are when ever they go outside the state. You should learn to speak proper English firstly and then stop going around in groups. Ive noticed this trend everywhere. Mallus tend to flock together, never integrate and are usually seen as hooligans by people from other parts of the country and abroad.

  • Kupidkutty


    Im absolutely convinced that you are a sudanese racist or a white skinned aussie trying to justify what was done to those Indian students in OZ. Australia is as Xenophobic as any other country. Your argument that Indian people deserve to be targeted because they are not ashamed of their culture (would need one to know its importance) and are not hygenic (means we dont use toilet paper and scrape shit off our backside and give ourself crusty A-holes but clean them with water and soap). You should be a stand up comedian. The problem with Australia is that they want the money from selling education pouring in but dont want brown and black skinned students. Who are you kidding. If you have culture flaunt it. Im not going to hide what I am essentially just because I live in a caucasian country. I would wear my ethnic dress and speak in my native tongue to my fellow country men. Whats wrong with that. White racist aussie policies have almost wiped out the aboriginie population. WTF do they think they are doing. If immigration was such a crime then these decendants of cutthroats and prostitutes and con men who were shipped to that godforsaken country a century and a half ago have no right to be there in the first place. The land belongs to the aboriginies.

    • 17yr old jordan

      then why didnt you send your application forms to the aborigines

      • Aussiex

        hahahahah @ 17yr old jordan!!What do these Indians even know about the Aboriginies. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with them.Obviously they are just trying to back up a failing argument.Seriously Im a young white Aussie female and catch the train weekly. I am sick and tired of skinny gross Indians staring at females on the trains, turning up their Hindu music and having no respect for any one around them.If you come to our country you ACT ACCORDINGLY.I have met some decent Indians- I admit that. But the MAJORITY (mainly all the males) are the problem.Stop complaining about our country if its THAT BAD and move somewhere else. Trust me most of you are not wanted. If Australia is really that bad then why are you STILL HERE?? ANSWER THAT!!!!

        • Shivam

          Hi Aussiex! I am sorry about the way you get treated by fellow Indians. I live in America. Mostly my own fellow Indians have ruined my life. I know Australia is not racist because my cousin lives there and had no problem of racism. Racist attacks happen everywhere. I was in UK recently there was this Indian at the gambling shop arguing with shop attendant for no reason. I felt bad for her. Those guys at the trains are desperate and think they own PhDs. Those kind of guys may have failed back in India. I face more racism in India than any western world. Those of who will class you as evil or racist is not better than anyone. Anyways, I hope you are not going to suffer any longer in the trains because of what those guys are doing on daily basis. I agree with you when they come to your country they should live like Australians which relates do as romans do when you are in Rome.

        • notastupidwhiteaussie

          You are the epitome of oblivious. Australia is not your country retard. Australia belongs to the Aborigines. So if you want to live here respect those living with you before they kick your mudblood ass back to Europe.

  • Alan

    There is a huge indian south asian european african american middle eastern communities here. And we proud to say we are living so much happily :)

  • Alan

    Canada is the best. :)

  • a true hearted person

    Australia is anyhow a racist country…. I am giving a blog of a person who have shared her experiences when she was among the Aussies… check this http://www.sammychanda.blogspot.com/

    And after this brutal incidents on the students the time has come to take a serious step from UN against Australia’s racism….otherwise the future weather of Australia will be rough ….

  • Dhruv

    I agree with Kwame and Mark Joseph. I live in US and if we live in these countries, we need to adapt. I see a enormous number of ‘Mallus’ from Andhra Pradesh. They are not willing to change or adapt at all. Talking loudly in their Telgu, no dressing sense, always cling to their own groups and last but not the least – no matter how long they live here…they never learn how to communicate well. It’s not only white people who get pissed off…even the Indians who have adjusted to these things (like me), also hate it. In 99.99% of the cases, it’s the people from south of India who don’t adapt to the society and are the cause of all this mess.

    • VR

      Ummm, “Mallus” is short for Malayalees, people who speak Malayalam. If they speak “Telgu” [sic], they are not Malayalees, since Malayalees speak Malayalam.Get it?BTW, it’s pretty shameful how poorly most people here type, ironic too given the yells of “Learn English” thrown around here, ha.

  • Som

    Having read your post and the other comments, I have just one question for all – why is it so necessary for young students to spend fortunes for pursuing education courses which are not even specialized in nature. I don’t think the quality of education, at least till post graduation is so bad that we need to set sail to foreign countries and particularly Australia where the quality of education is not as high as in some other countries like the US or UK.

  • Mark Joseph

    Here in this virtual world itself we could see racial or Ethincal problem exist while discussing the topic.
    Here i would like to quote the former Australian Prime Ministers Quote..And it is applicable to all…
    ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’

    ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

    ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

    ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

    ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’

    ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here So accept the country YOU accepted.’

    Maybe if we circulate this amongst ourselves, Indian citizens will find the backbone to start speaking and voicing the same truths.

  • singh

    hey all of you go to bharatmovies.com and watch I, Am Proud To Be Indian…. that movie is similar to what is happening now in australia.. The white thugs are called skin heads, and they think they are superior but the vilence they do in that movie is nothing to what is happening now and i hope it doesn’t happen now. Everybody will have to cooperate..With all the bullshit austrila’s gov is making about indians carring expensive items b/c indians have the money to and the white peopl are stupid and have crappy jobs… Australia’s gov is the cause and they should stop making up bullshit excuses and blaming indians to save their ass… b/c the world won’t stand for this type of racism to spread… this message was not to insult white people but racism is becoming too much in Australia and if you were indian you would say what you have to say.. Thank You

  • fariha

    and just cause some stupid fuckin drunk people beat indians up, doesn mean that its all australians who are racist!

    • SR

      People from muslim nations like you creates problem

      • none of ur business

        LOL.!good on u fariha,4 speaking the truth!nd ‘SR’…muslim nation…LOL..u misguided idol worshiping..idiot!…no one even considers Hinduism these days…who the hell worships little disabled kids..u guys dnt even know WAT DA HELL it is u guys believe in!!..haha.

        • simon khan

          As a Muslim you have no right to put down his beliefs we are not discussing religion,Mate as mentioned earlier you will get a kicking in regardless what your beliefs are…so stand together “do not let them divide an conquer,we have been down there before…India,pak,bangladesh…we are one nation of people ….we eat the same rice,flour,from the same soil…..”STAND TOGETHER,FIGHT TOGETHER,LIVE TOGETHER…

        • none of ur business

          seriously..A COW?!…..THATS PURE INSANITY..!..the poor cow just craps, and chews on its cud and ur worshiping THAT!…nd u people r arrogant who take over workplaces and schools..OHH ND U’LL R REALLY RACIST !!..what comes around, goes around!

  • fariha

    to sheila. FUCK U.
    banglis are nothing like indians. and yes. some indians do fuckin desrve it. im not saying all, but some of them do. stop fuckin perving on school girls in the train. and stop perving on other people’s girlfriend, specially when they are wioth their boyfriend. who wouldn t wanna beat em up? and if you’re going to come to another country and act like you’re better than evreryone there, then obviously you’re going to get your head kicked in! and i dont get it. srilankans and bangalis, and pakistanis and indians are all brown and sumtimes you cant tell the difference and most people think that brown people are indian. so how come non of the bangalis or pakis or sri lankans get beaten? why is it only the indians? cause a lot of the indians are fuckin smart asses and a lot of the time, they are the ones who wanna pick a fight. stop fuckin staring at people. its fuckin rude! stop fuckin pervin on skool gurls! stop fuckin shoutin in the train and pulling expensive phone and ipods out in the middle of the night. then you wont fuckin get bashed!

    • simon khan

      Fariha you really need understand something,i grew up in in the UK during the rise of the BNP,Skin head Culture etc…and one thing i remember clearly was the fact that no skin head while stamping on his victims head asked for his Passport to check his origin…So watch this space no -one migrant is safe from the small minority…which is 10 times the size of the migrant society to day in Australia…

  • praveen

    well,its damn unethical n unfair to blame a country due to som evil things happening out der..n well im withdrawing my comments on australia in my previous post if it really offends the dignity of australian nation.

    here i want to clarify onething on behalf of our ppl.u said we eat with our hands n stink lik a wierd curry,,,right?so now we undstood dat u racism driven ppl often shoot dese words on indians.n yeah we eat with our hands coz our hands r not dat dirty to make use of chop sticks u know wat ………we know how to keep ourselves clean physically n emotionally.

  • Kishore Asokan

    Hi All
    Looking into the duscussion above, there are lots of factors which are debateable.

    Australia is or not a racist country- Many students who had lived or are living and studying in Australia agree that there are faults in some Indian students who do not adjust to the Australian environment. I am a person who is working and living out of my home country for the past 8 years and my experience tells me that most the local citizens do respect the expatriates working here, but there are some who have a different view for the foreigner working here. I see lot of my Indian fellow citizens behaving in a way which triggers incidents which we need to regret. There is something called an anti-expatriate feeling in the locals who think that we rob their opportunities. One thing they should understand that we are there because we are better than them because we are paid much higher salaries the the employer spend much more than a local person. Some local citizens look expatriates with a hate look for this reason. Similarly the bad behavior or inability to adjust to the environment of Australia or some reasons which contrast the Indian students out of the crowd which can even be the extra talent or ability which some Australians cannot accept could be the reason to such behavior which could not be termed as a racist behavior.
    But looking into the recent incidents which are done by some elements who are in need of money and they feel that the Indian Students are the best target. We cannot accept the depth of harassment done on these students which has gone upto the extend of murder in the case of Harbagan Singh’s relative.
    How can this be stopped?
    The Government should take necessary steps to develop a safe environment to the students studying there and make sure that the elements who get into such acts are punished severely. If they feel that the behavior of the Indian students are triggering such incidents, they can screen and give proper counselling to the students getting admission to the universities in Australia. The Universities should not just look into filling up the seats for the sake of money, but they should make sure that they are doing the needful to avoid such incidents.
    I have never been to Australia so these are purely my opinion looking into the media coverage and other source of Information
    @paul – Australian Government and recently the statement by the Prime Minister of Australia says very clearly that all the Students coming to Australia are their Guests and I don’t feel that this is the way you need to treat a Guest. You have to have a better respect for your Guests

    We all are human beings and we should not have any difference due the color difference in the skin. Attitude and behavior should be the factor to judge a person

    • Leon

      Clean up your own backyard, India is the mother and father of discrimination

    • idiot

      ohmyFUCKING god Kishore. promise me that if i tell you you will SPREAD this to ure indian community. fkin hell..


    • omgGROWup!

      oh you top notch bullshitter “build a safe enviorment”. jesus christ u indians think u own the damm county. its freaking safe as it possibly can be. whats there to fix? if you THINK THAT AUSTRALIA IS A BAD COUNTRY (WHICH ITS NOT) THEN TELL YOUR INDIAN STUDENTS TO PISS OFF!

    • Robb

      “One thing they should understand that we are there because WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM,” I find this hard to be credible to be deciding that one ethnicity is better than another due to personal belief or views regardless of their meaning or point, it is simply another form of racism and follows the dictionary meaning of racism if anyone would care not is the belief in the superiority of one ethnicity over another. Expertise from other countries can be brought from a range of different reasons from tradesman to researchers and professors. I would ask kindly that your opinion of Indian superiority be taken back as it is offensive, and your arguments which do hold notable points and facts are slanted with a constant slight of belief of your of ethnicity’s standing over others.

  • Australia Racism Victim

    No matter what happens Australia shouldn’t be considered as a racist country, the attacks could be the acts of some petty criminals, drug addicts, or junkies.

  • paul

    sheila, i am using such language because i dont like people calling me a white dog!! i will use such offensive language back and jsut because bangladesh is aprt of the subcontanent donsnr mean a thing its a different culture and country, i am getting sick of people saying how racist this place is but then come here and act like fools and then cry foul when they get bashed because some white people do it! what about the sri lankans that poured acid over another srilankans head or when indians attack each other or when two african gangs go at it and 2 or 3 people end up in hospital?? i dont hear much of that on the news, im sickened how people talk racist shit about aussies no matter what colour and then justify it with you are racist to. that is not fair ive heard indian men threaten to bash 14 year old girls does that mean i have the right to smash that guy out?? im not saying its right whats going on im just saying that people should calm down with the name calling and blaming everything on white people and whats with the aboriginie stuff whats that got to do with the indians being bashed thats just another racist dig at australia, and if you act like a dick head like your better than every1 else your gonna get in trouble no matter what country your from or colour you are that a fact so why try and stand out its stupid it really is. shiela im sorry that you were treated like a second class peoson when you where here we are not all like that but ask your self this if i went to your country would i get treated like every1 else?? and once again to all the indians out there that are getting racially bashed my heart goes out to you and hope that this dosent change your thoughts on every aussie

  • Dooolite


  • sheila

    Paul you say you are dating a bangali girl but yet you use racist terms like ‘you fuks eat with your hands’ and ‘stink like weird curry’. you think you can play down the racist card because you date a bangali girl but in fact you sound stupid and bigoted and have no clue about being in a mixed relationship these terms are unacceptable to use. so you think because you walk down the street and get people staring/shouting you are some kind of martyr what do you want a medal? I am a British asian (born and brought up in England)and in a highly paid professional job and am married to a British white guy and let me tell you if he used terms like that to me or in general i would slap him hard and slam the door behind me. The arguement is that the indians in australia have their faults and yes they should learn to fit in to the Australian culture as much as they can no doubt but to suggest that some of the habits they have deserve getting beaten up for is so ignorant you belong in the dark ages. Your g/f should dump you if she has any class or sense and get with an australian guy who has respect for all people of that culture not just his girlfriend-try getting to know her culture rather than condemning it because bangali’s are part of the indian subcontinent like it or not. The British are far more tolerant than the Australians-FACT! shit like this doesn’t go on in Britain and then be allowed to be covered up spating that ‘well they do things that deserve it’ . Australia are happy to take overseas students much higher fees yet are cowards when it comes to taking the shit that is happening as a result of these international students going over. The Aussies that come over to England let me tell you congregate in their groups and talk about their culture non stop and how ‘great’ australia is to the uk and are loud and abnoxious but no one thinks its ok to stab them with a screwdriver. Get a grip and stop justifying these attacks because everything i have read about that Indians do in Australia such as play music loud or congregate in their own groups etc they do in every country as do other cultures but these attacks are not happening in the same frequency either here nor in any other western countries so these comments sound so laughable. Don’t play that stupid justification as these things they alledgely do are so minor and can be ignored no matter how frustrating they seem at the time-hell its not like they are going over and raping your mothers or spreading hatred and killing Australians! I went to Australia last year for almost a year and found the Australians more racist than any other western country and i have travelled all around the world. I speak english with a posh english accent, have a white husband and carry myself more like an english person than an indian, i say please and thankyou, smile politely when getting served and was friendly and open with everyone i met and made every effort to integrate so explain why i was constantly spoken to rudely/ignored or given rude looks but my husband wasn’t? the very fact that paul says he comes from a rude, loud and highly racist area surely depicts the very point that everyone here is trying to deny-Australia in some pockets and towns IS RACIST and isn’t a tolerant country because these acts would not be happening and people in the uk or most of Europe would never dream of shouting abuse etc because my husband and i are a mixed couple its just not ok in any capacity! please stop trying to cover up your problems and deny it is happening or that even more disgustingly these people deserve what is going on-Australia needs to deal with your problems now as this problem was happening even very recently with the aborigine people and the world saw this and heard the stories even within the last few years. Australia is already becoming a laughing stock around the world and soon other countries will not want to associate with such a backward country if things don’t change soon!

    • Kash

      I totally agree with you. I too have spent time in UK as well as Aussie and I found most australians to be quite racist. Like you said no matter how polite and friendly you are most times than not you would be the last to be served ( and mind you not even a ghost of a smile on their faces!), ignored and generally made to feel nonexistent. UK was the total opposite. People respected your good manners and etiquette. I am sure you get all kinds in a country but we always remember the majority won’t we?

      • Leon

        must be why the brits are introducing laws to stop Indians living in the UK…yes, they love you

      • Real Australian

        How dare you filthy Indian bastards comment on Australians, You don’t belong in this country – get out. To all real true aussies, the simple fact is the only way to get rid of these pieces of garbage is violence. Do a service to your country & beat up 1 Indian per day until those filthy sub-humans get the message we don’t want them here.

      • eliza

        Australia is not perfect, just like every other country, but I can tell you that not everyone is racist. In fact the majority of people are quite friendly, and it is a beautiful place to live. I’ve travelled to various parts of the world including the US and some of Asia, and have encountered racism everywhere I go, including at home in Melbourne. However I didn’t automatically assume that everyone from that country were racist, intolerant pigs; they were just a few bad eggs.I don’t know about other places, but in Melbourne education does make a difference, generally it is ignorant people from poorer areas who are responsible for these attacks. Once you find a nice area, maybe on the coast, where the people are laid back, nice and always keen for a drink, you’ll never want to leave.

        • Staleywise

          You know what? I truly doubt that you are white Australian. I say that because you can’t spell; you don’t understand English grammar, you can barely speak English and in fact to be quite honest you are almost illiterate in English. You can’t even spell every bad boy’s favorite swear word.

          My guess is that you are not Australian and that suggests to me that my hunch could be correct, that it isn’t Australians who are keeping these racist allegations in the news but people from another country. With your obvious ethnicity, busy trying to beat up this whole thing for your own weird reasons; it just looks like you people are creating your own trouble. Most Australians aren’t racist, but being a student here is a privilege, not a right. If having this crap is the price we have to pay to allow you to study here, no money is worth it, take it back home.

          • penthius

            Agree !

            I am really angry now after reading all the posts here tonight .
            The amount of RACISM aimed at white Australians here in this thread is disgusting !
            It is enough to make me turn and I cannot help but wonder if my neighbours actually hate me and hate white australians as much as these people here in this thread do ?

          • Kishore Post author

            Penthius – I don’t say that all Australians are racist, but there are incidents which are regrettable.

    • samuel welsh

      but are you a good aussie?

    • Suyashkumar

      I do really appreciate the words written by, Sheila. Its a wonderful description of thoughts you have served so far. Your words aren’t biased neither they sound or seem harsh. Its a beautifully written piece of work.

  • SUKH

    such sick language and sick attitude. Wonder why anyone would want to go to such an uncivilized country. The few aussies have displayed their narrow minded mentality. Why would anybody in their right mind ever want to go there??????????????

  • fariha

    i dont get what these people are complaining about. if ur going to pull ur expensive phones and wallet out at 11 pm at night and talk in hindi as loud as possible, obviously you are going to get bashed! the cops told you guys to keep ur profile low and u guys say that they are stoping u from being indian. i havent heard of any country where pulling expensive things out in da middle of the night and talking as loud and rudely as possible are a part of the culture. and you guys come here and stay in your own little groups. why dont you try and mix for a change? i have an aussie boyfriend and the indians look at him like he’s scum cause he’s with me and im not even indian! you guys just fuckin look at me and think that im from india when im from bangladesh. you guys come into australia and look at people here like youse are better then them because you guys still lisen to hindi music as loudly as possible in the trains and talk as loudly as possible in public and because youse wear socks with your thongs and thongs with your suits! you guys are just as racist .. and half the time iits not even the aussies who are bashing them. its either african or an asian. you guys are australians too if you guys live here and are citizens. you guys are part of australia as well. by saying australian, you guys just mean white people and that is disgraceful. and what the fuck are indians complaining about? they’re robbing people all the time and most of the times its them who start the fuckin fight. you guys provoke other people by acting like smart asses for no reason. and stop fuckin staring in the trains at other people and thinking that you’re better then them because you talk loud and dont mix with anyone else! i dont get why you guys come here if youse think australians are scum!

  • paul

    and cosmo who the fuck are you calling criminals and whores your country is one big sweat shop who treat women like slaves, your HOLE COUNTRY IS ONE BIG PRISON AND THE LOCALS CANT W8 TO ESCAPE TO THE WESTERN WORLD YOUR THE WHORE!!! AND YOUR FAT MUM SHOULD TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS YOU UGLY LOOKING FREAK!!

  • fariha

    none of the indians are geting killed in australia or burnt! they are jus gettin bashed cause they are fuckin ignorant and rude

  • paul

    oh and fuck the spirit of india. ur in australia. no offence to any1 but @raghav

    • Jimmy

      Get fucked kuntHow can u date a bengali and then turn around and cuss Indians out?You aussies are real trash… That convict blood is strong in ya – you dirty verminTHey were right, Australia really is a conglomeration of the worlds scraps and scum together…

  • paul

    hi, i am a (white Australian) and im dating a bangali so my racism level isnt as high as most, i have observed indian students and indian citizens in public a fair bit as i am from west footscray a majority a rude loud and highly racist, when ever me and my girlfriend go out in public we get stared at as if we are scum, and for all of you that think that( THIS IS MY COUNTRY GET FUKED!!) you can all keep your racist oppinions in india! and how dare you call us uncivilised you fuks eat with your hands and stink like wierd curry! stop talking loud and pulling out valuables on trains in the middle of the night and you have less chance of getting bashed. and its not all white people that bash you guys some are forighners and africans and other indians and sri lankans e,t,c and i have been jumped before i dont complain like a little bitch and clain racism, so to all the indians out there with manners that have been jumped for being indian my heart goes out to you, however the rest are foolish racists that qallmost deserve it, i dont pull my shit out in front of any1 and dont be a rude fucker and im fine

    • SR

      If I get you in my hand, I would push a burning hot rod in to your asshole and make you cry. Mind your words. We are from the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Also, you said we are eating with hands. Remember, we are washing our ass after shit. You are wiping it with a tissue . Its a big difference. You guys will smell always shit not like us. We have only the smell of food.

  • rrr

    this is indian writing to indians.so finally indians r talkin abt racism.its a big joke on the part of indians.so indians r now shouting against racism,then wat abt the racism that is implemented by u in india.now u say tat we r indians when u were attacked in abroad.were the hell does tat sense had gone wen u r in india.u r doing much more than to ur fellow indians who r minority and oppressed.kangaroos r far better than how u treat people in india.no sympathy for indians until u recognise agony of people suffering from racism in india.kangaroos go a head

  • su

    Well I have lived in Melbourne and my house mates were an Aussie couple, a russian guy, 2 Aussie guys and an Aussie girl and I was the only indian in the house.

    Though I stayed only for few months I have never experienced or seen any kind of racial stuff.

    But I have observed one thing about the indian communtiy there:
    1) The Indian students there dont mix up with the locals.

    2) They lack the basic courtsy of saying ” thank you” or ” Please”

    3) Most of the indians over there being from Delhi and around, they still speak at the pitch of their voice even in public as if making an announcement.

    4) I had also seen few Indians bargaining in Melbourne as if it is a market in Delhi.

    5) Trying to break a Q

    Indians going abroad should understand that such behaviour works only in India and they should adapt to the local culture where ever they go.

    This doesnt mean that the recent attack is right or wrong. There are a few unwanted elements in society all over the world including India ( Mysterious murder and disappearance of foreigners in Goa). Such elements should be punished.

    I had a very nice time in Melbourne and guess what I had more Aussie friends than Indian!!!

  • praveen


    Recent racial attacks on indians predicted dat aussie is no more multicultural.n its just intolerant to indians.

    well ,u got d reasons behind dese attacks.lemme ask u …..just bcoz dey r unhygienic n unwesternised indians deserve to b attacked n killed????????///if u think so.den y cant dose sick kangaroos attack unhygienic n uncivilised aussies by gangs……….n kill demselves……..

    u hav no idea even wat is civilisation n u r teaching us[indians] about civilisation,hygiene n adjustment.
    how westernised n civilised is it to attack a fellow human being in gangs n attempt to kill him like animals just for nothing?????????????/damn it.

    Im happy dat my fellow indian got saved frm a danger n fed with a vegetarian food by aussie nationals.

    but the worst part is being an indain u r supporting a foreigner who is criticising a group of indian community,whatever the reason is………
    kum se kum aapko self respect ki zaroorat hain.dis is one of the damn reasons y dose western dogs dont respect indians.unity dont exist in us.

    n its utterly the fault of the australian government for allowing teenagers to drunk n drugs,n for keeping quiet on these racial attacks for ages until it has took some innoscent lives.



    • aus-greates country on earth =P

      Ok so alot of these arguments are going on.Heads up- Im an aussie my mums a fijian aussie and my dads indian. So im Australian cuz im born here. Okhayy Praveen i got some stuff to say.Look man what these retards in australia bashing up other innocent people is wrong correct? But understand somthing. Over the past few years..OH FOR *****S SAKE IL GET IT STRAIGHT. ONE WORD: HYGINE AND MANNERS.Freaking indian students that come on trams and busses STINK and talk sooo lowd…god this is a civilised city NOT india. i understand that they shudnt get killed or hurt that is wrong. but PLEASE fix your manners and take a shower. and for the love of god don’t be shy. you wont get anything in life

      • Tony

        White Australians are without a doubt racist. I was born in this country but was unfortunate enough to have brown skin, after 58 years in this place I am still asked where I am from. I play dumb and string the morons along, pretending I understand them to be asking what part of Sydney I am from. Eventually I point out that if I was white the question wouldn’t even be brought up. The fact is that the white races believe that they are superior and that they belong anywhere that they happen to be, in most cases their ancestors stole or invaded the lands so the assholes in actuality don’t belong anywhere except in prison.I have no idea what Indians are like but my experiences with Bangladeshis haven’t been very good. I live in a large boarding house and we used to have a clean place to live until they moved in, They come and go but so far their hygiene is terrible. They constantly leave the toilets and bathrooms in a disgusting state and the kitchen is unbelievably filthy. They refuse to clean up after themselves and when pressured by the manager they make a half hearted attempt thinking that they have cleaned the area while it is still dirty. Food refuse is always left in sinks, on tables and on the floor while they leave fecal matter on toilet floors in sinks etc etc . One guy crapped in the bath tub,.. I am not exaggerating ! No one has used the kitchen since they arrived except for them, the rest of us cook in our own studios and/or rooms. This custom of eating with the hand is not acceptable in our society, we use cutlery but they still refuse to comply even when we have explained that in this country we find the habit offensive. The expression,”When in Rome do as the Romans do etc etc”, doesn’t seem to sink in to their thick skulls. I have no idea what the rest of the race is like, I haven’t met them but so far the ones I have met are filthy. I don’t condone violence but I fully understand why some people resort to beating the living shit out of these clowns, I really do. Whenever we become upset with their refusal to keep the place clean they pull the “racist” card. The whites may be racist morons but they don’t run around like little girls whining about their bloody noses when they get what they deserve, they are generally easier to live with than these bloody Bangladeshies who don’t even know how to wipe their own arses without smearing shit all over the place.Of course eventually they will all move on, I can’t wait for that day. I’m sure we will all throw a huge party to celebrate their leaving.

  • raghav

    Kwame is right!. One needs to live in melbourne to understand the dynamics of the social relationships here. For one, he is right about the lack of understanding and flexibility amongst indians. The punjabi’s need to understand that there are courses other than cookery and social service. The lot of indian students coming now have absolutely no idea of the world outside india. Their insistence on talking loudly in their mother tongue and playing songs loudly in public transport will piss of anyone!.. including fellow indians. I have asked fellow indians to reduce the volume of the music so many times in trains and trams… they just don’t seem to learn!.

    @Ravi, Multi-culturalism works both ways!… you need to flexible and accomodative of the new culture as well!.

    Tell you what, i was in an accident last year in at the grampians… about 400kms frm melbourne. The car was totally gutted and there was no mobile phone reception at that hillside. A middle aged australian couple stopped and stayed back with us until someone else went down to the town to get an ambulance and police. The hospital staff went out of their way to make sure we got accomodation for the night and the hotel staff took the extra effort to make some vegeterian food because we were vegetarians. Not once did i face any sort of discrimination in those 48hrs…

    Don’t generalise a country based on a few drunk and drugged out idiots.. Its like saying the whoe of maharashtra is filled with marathi speaking racist zealots!…

    • Indian Tiger

      Look There are a few good people everywhere. And especially majority of them old timers are such decent folks they do deserve our respect. Ofcourse , if the roles were reversed, we would do the same for them too, won’t we ? You are not making proper comparisons here.

  • Ravi

    The essence of “multiculturalism” is about tolerance to other culture and not expecting others to be like them. How do you expect an immigrant to forget his/her roots? Your arguement is funny.

    • ahsan

      hi kwame,how can you even think that whites are superior to black and colored??? even i can show you the ugliest most in whites as well. so dun feel superior!!! ok. now the matter is racism. as far as i know the far easterns (chinese, thai , vietnami etc etc etc) are hell lot in number then any other asian community. why have they never been treated like this. even they are more conservative and stereotypical and have been making hell lot of money then the f—- australians. most of them have never even adapted to the culture and language even. why have they been getting so much space here? . they have nothing in them .

      • Abhineet Sharma

        Raghav all people r not same some peoples r gud some r bad u met gud people
        or indian racism student met bad people.
        But it does’t mean that if punjabi’s don’t lower there volume of speaker. Or they not change there culture u give them punishment of death.If some one do dis with u then u understand the feeling of racism victims.My brother is alos studied in autralia sydney. If indians r beaten by australian in australia then australian also been beaten by indians in india. This thing is not going stop.
        By this hitler time is come back again and lots of died due to fucking racism

    • Indian Tiger

      Because people like him are ‘Sellouts’. We don’t need any advice from punks like him who will ‘sell’ anything to get a piece of pale rotten A-ss. What we need is to hit back with such force that next time thugs should shit in their pants and think not twice but ten times to even stare at an Indian who is going about his business. For that we need to stay strong and unite. I understand it’s much skewed because we are a minority and don’t have any rights in the foreign land and they can lock us up indefinitely.

      • Achint

        If you do that, than what will make us different from them. I am form the US and I know that I may or may not understand your situation, but do you really wanna stoop to thier level. and call them white ass, isn’t that racist. It is a choice of preference. If some one falls in love with some white girls, why are you getting jelous? Atleast they have a shot at thier own destiny, unlike you.

  • Bhagat Singh

    There are over million Australian expats living in other countries and they might have to endure similar treatment…

  • Racism against Indians - Beaware Australia | Kishore Asokan

    [...] here to see the original: Racism against Indians – Beaware Australia | Kishore Asokan « Releaselog | RLSLOG.net » Top Gear Australia S02E03 WS PDTV XviD-BiA India-Australia [...]

  • Laks

    Hi I am a student in the UK and not in OZ so may not have a first hand knowledge of how things are. Just wanted to say that I dont like the jist of whatever Kwame has said above…which implies that these people who have been attacked, directly or indirectly deserves it..and also that Indians dont try to assimilate themselves into the culture where as people from Sudan does..Well I feel that the Indian community here in the UK is one of the most tolerant lot’where as most of the African people move in circles of their own and also resort to a lot of violence.Generalisation is suicidal in this case. Let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Kishore Asokan

    kwame – What would you tell about the recent incidents and do you think these students needs to be treated like this, should they be killed, robbed or burned?. This is not the way to deal with human beings. Just watch that video above.

  • kwame

    My take on this is very simple. There is something unique about the particular cohort of Indian students coming into Australia from around 2000 onwards. That uniqueness & it is not a positive thing what is unique about this group – it is this unique aspect which is behind these attacks.

    I think the unique character of this group can be summarised as follows:

    1. Not Westernised enough to be able to carry off the high profile positions they have – taxi-drivers; 24/7 store attendants
    2. Too comfortable and secure in principally Punjabi Indian culture and unwilling to make any adjustments or engage in self-critique, including asking the important question – what part of the total package of Punjabi Indianness has to be adjusted to increase the margin of acceptance in multicultural Australia – I say this because it is not just white folks who are having a problem with the current wave of student migrants – Australians from all over the world are having problems as there is virtually no willingness or interest in adapting in any way at all

    To make things a bit clearer – we can higlight the unique nature of this group and the jarring effect their presence has had on Melbourne by asking why it is that Australia’s highly visible Sudanese black African population is not as much under sustained attack as the Indian community? For one thing, they are much more black and much more the classic racist target. And yet after a period of coming under scrutiny & a certain degree of attack the Sudanese community is not that much out on a limb any more – what is the reason for this and are there any lessons to be learnt here – lessons for the Indian groups wanting to be given space; for policy makers; for ordinary folks?

    Is there stuff that is being done by the average Indian student of today as well as the taxi-driver and shift-worker which is decreasing the margin of acceptance?

    Have the Sudanese done things which despite their visible difference have increased the margin of acceptance, which initially given how different they were, was initially quite limited?

    Would proud, lighter-skinned caste-driven Punjabi Indians even bother to take any lessons on how to adjust, shift gear, achieve integration from by definition inferior and dirty black Africans?

    The Indian student leaders might have to sit down with other groups managing the issue well + the police to ask – ok – how can we increase the margin of tolerance – reduce the amount of community support for the ostracism that we this new wave of Indians are suffering – what might we do better?

    The police must also then go about their task of arresting any racist gangs at work as well as opportunist thieves. As matters stand now, the new wave of Indians in Melbourne are hugely unpopular – some of it is not justified – some of it is and can often be summarised by a single phrase – no sense of the kinds of good manners and etiquette that multicultural Australia requires and no willingness to adapt the norms of the Punjab to the norms of Melbourne

    As an African who is frightened by the prospect of the real white supremacists coming out of their holes, I hope the leadership of the Indian community is capable of some introspection and self-critique – a few simple steps, including basic things like investigating and understanding Australian (not just white) Australian expectations about dress, personal hygiene in public space and a willingness to be less pushy, all this might increase public sympathy – it is the absence of this public sympathy which permits the increasing numbers of Indians to be so violently and specifically targeted

    If Australia is such a deeply racist place across the board – why do africans feel safe?

    • vancouver

      to the person with that comment about indian “profile,” thats becuase you watch low quality American shows like simpsons. Did you know Indians have the highest median income of all groups in the USA? Almost all of my family are doctors, lawyers, etc.i find the only ppl who are racist are of low income and watch shows geared towards such a group (to make the poor feel better about himself). We learn this is school..

  • Indian-American

    FARIHA,Indian muslims are doing very well. The population of indian muslims have gone up 10 times since we got independence. Have you heard of this award winning book called ‘LAJJA’… yes thats the book about how hindu girls are kidnapped/raped/murdered in Bangladesh!!! The write Taslima Nasreen is under FATWA for writing the truth that opens up the secrets of muslims in Bangladesh. We in India think that Bangladeshis are our friends (Since we saved you from pakistan in 70s war, when you were about to be taken over by Pakistan) and I am really shocked by the hatred that bangladeshis express towards us. Where is all this venom coming from??? I dont think you are very educated/elite either. But at least do some research before you put so much hatred in your heart!

  • idiot

    fack you u fucking bullshit artist

  • samuel welsh

    Indioans are awesome folks ,go strong and know God loves ya

  • SR

    6 months Bangladeshis will eat fish. Because during summer fish will die. Another 6 months Fish will eat Bangladeshis. Because Rain will kill these people. So Farihas parents might been eaten by Fish. Isn’t it?

  • Stupid Bangladeshi!


    Oi cunt.Stop ur fucking bad lanuguage OK.Get a life!! U fucking banglas migrate to other places illegaly without a valid visa!! if you think India is so bad then why does ur fucking incest driven relatives corss the border and settle their soggy arses there??? So stfu!!! And speaking abt Bangladeshis not liking Indians!!! Do you know that majority of the Indian restaurants are owned by Dick head banglas!!! So learn to speak with respect and you get respect…else take ur black cunt to the whore house u came from!!!

  • fariha

    thank you! finally someone said something nice! and something that evryone should think about!

  • fariha

    yeah i like using the fuckin f-word u gotta problem? i thot indians are all ment to be educated and sophisticated too like from their movies. but u guys are all bunch of losers and little wieners and disgracefull! ur probably a pervert urself and perve on evry teenager. educate urself first before u try to educate others!

  • fariha

    yeah good fo me go bak to ur own fuckin country u fuck knob and fuckin get out of here coz no1 wants use here if ur gonna complain. stoip fuckin sooking u dumbfucks! teenagers get bashed here evryday. i dont see them protesting! all you guys kno is how to make a scene. fuckin get over it u fuckin racist scums.

  • Indophile

    Okay so u are Paul and your Fariha and you are gender confused.

  • Indophile

    Oh Paul How I wish you were shipwrecked on our coast. Wed give you lots of TLC for all that pent up anger.

  • Abhineet Sharma

    We indians does’nt blame hole of australian country and citizens for racist attack in every country some r gud people or some bad even i accept in india also but aus govt. do nothing to stop this attacks why only indians r aattacked one by one r this attack preplained. all asian r similar look like bangladesh r not white people srlankans r not white people pakistanis r not white people then wat the hell and why only indian people are attacked by this some shit head people give me answer paul if it is not racist attacks

  • Venkat

    Hi Mr. paul,

    you said “you fuks eat with your hands and stink like wierd curry!”

    whats wrong in eating by hand? and why curry is weird?

    That’s the roots cause of being racist. am i right?

  • Kupidkutty

    Wow Fariha Im impressed. Bengladeshis should be really educated, sophisticated and cultured if you go by you as an example. Obsessed with the F-word I see. Maybe you need to do just that to let out some steam.

  • Kupidkutty

    Aaah No Wonder !!! And they call themselves a secular country.
    Oh thats sweet coming from the people who have nearly wiped out the original inhabitants there. You should have exercised that last freedom long ago.
    Stop murdering the aborigines you insecure xenophobic bastards.

  • fariha

    well here its mostly the punjabis! its fuckin annoying! im from bangladesh and i find it fuckin ridiculous! why dont u guys atleast try and blend in? its not fuckin india anymor or bangladesh! u cant go to another country and act like ur better den evry1 there! honestly, if a white person went to india and was acting like a smart ass, u guys would all bash him and kill him! you guys are just as racist too!

  • fariha

    why the fuck do u guys come here if u dont think thatthe quality is good? fuck off to america and UK instead of coming here!

  • Staleywise

    good point.

  • fariha

    u kno what? someone should go to ur fuckin country and watch the way u guys treat muslims over there. u guys fckin burn there houses and crap for no reason. its u guys who are fuckin racist as and think they’re better than evry1 else coz they speak loud hindi! well ur a fuckin idiot! u guys are probli the most racist people on earth and u guys are fuckin pointing fingers at others!

  • fariha

    ur a fuckin idiot! havent u heard of msn language?? loser! and if u dont like it here and think its so crap, den y da fuck do u even come here??

  • Abhineet Sharma

    Doolite if u r indian then u will understand hindi baat suno bhai sarey log ek jaise nahi hotey theek hai agar aapke sath aisa kuch ho raha hai toh aapne media se contact kyun nahi kiya becoz most of the people in india watch tv and news channel u hav to stood up against it.main toh aapko kanhoga ki aap media se contact karey woh sabse aasan kaam hai aur aapki story media jaroor dekhayegi
    aur mujeh ek reply aur karan kya aapke sath kisi ne bhi galat kaam kiya aapko mara kuch logon ne milkar aur ya phir aapke ghar main aag lagai jaise ki australian ne kiya rahi baat police aapko pata hi yeh koi aapke liye nahi hai yeh hum aam bhartiyon ke liye bhi hai hamarey bhi yanha aisey hi aati hai police theek hai na ek baar bus case file hone chahiye kanhi bhi chori ho sabse pehle hamey hi aake thaney le jati hai its a part of life in india doolite

  • Venkat

    Hi dooolite,

    the problem what u told is exactly the same what Indians r facing in Australia, or other white countries.

    white people try extremely to avoid Indian talent and the restrictions what u mentioned for Indo-Africans, are faced in one or other way by indians too in white contries. And this is happeneing from long time. And i agree that its a problem, whihc need to be solved.

    But the issue what now Indians facing in Australia is that the people are trying to kill them.

    Having social problem is tolerable, but killing some one is no where adjustable. Why to adjust when u r gonna die at the end.

    Indo-Africans facing restrictions at social level in INDIA, but not being killed by indians. And such ristrictions are always existing for indians in white people. But we understand that b’coz its there country and obviously they will try to restrict us, even if we r genuinely correct. And we don’t complain on that. But trying to kill someone is total NO-NO.

    If the bad guy got his money after robbing the Indian in night, then that’s all, his purpose is done, he got money, then why he is trying to kill the Indian.

    The Indian who was robbed in Australia, told that he given all the money what he had, but still the OZ guys tried to kill him. Now that’s clearly a racist act.

    so do u agree with me on this DOOOLITE?

  • jb

    For the fact that Indians are racially targeted in Australia, it doesn’t mean whole of australia is racist. But they should first come forward and accept that the attacks on Indians are of racist kind. Blaming the whole country as racist is only gonna fetch us more hatred from them. But the attacks are racist and those few narrow minded people must be brought to justice.



    THEY(AMERICAN MAFIA) BEEN financing all illegal people in AUSTRALIA & INDIA AS WELL.

    U PPL(INDIANS) thinking, only Australians are doing this. nope . This is DONE by American MAFIA(designed & executed with local australinas) .
    SO We need to THINK abt this new evil AMERICAN MAFIA as well.

  • Cosmo

    Have to forgot that Australian are basically criminals and whore brought by other. You your self don’t have culture and you are teaching culture to other. A good democratic country is one which tolerate culture of other country and dissolves that culture with in it self.
    What the fuck you are proud of your white skin. If you trace you ancestor you may find your grandfather and grand mother as criminal and whore.

  • dooolite

    I Agree with you that killing someone has no justification. it is also uncomparable with general racism where murder does not occur. But i also belied you agree that the crimimals did not commit murder as their first racist attack. they must have begun by calling racist names and making roadside racist remarks. This is yes indeed common i believe if the government manages to take care of the verbal roadside racism by creating awareness and strictly dealing with the racists, a murder would never occur. and now that india knows how it feels, they should start a good example back home, if any news channel anywhere in the world asks any Black living in india if indiai is racist, 100% will have something to say. to the discredit of India. Though the racists in india dont murder, they are indeed loud and emotionally stressing.

  • Salman

    You have proved that you are a typical Bangladeshi with great culture

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